Managing Workmen

Posted by Claire Chizea on October 14, 2016

Picture this scenario You just moved into your new home or office/shop, or you have been enjoying your space but need to upgrade, the old WCs, bathtubs/showers, doors, windows, power points, fittings and fixtures, or even tiles. You find you not only require the services of plumbers and electricians – the two most used tradesmen […]

Discussing Property Issues on the Udy Factor

Posted by Claire Chizea on September 16, 2016

Udy’s television programme provides practical information on a wide range of issues to help her viewers make informed choices. I was invited to talk about property issues, and was asked some really good questions. What are the qualities of a good Real Estate agent? How can we avoid fake agents? What should the relationship between […]

How to Secure your Home for Free

Posted by Claire Chizea on September 2, 2016

The incidents of loss of valuables (and sometimes lives) of home owners especially single ladies and the elderly living alone has resulted in the boost in the sale of security gadgets. As much as we welcome these technological advancements, we believe that the best cure for any ill is to tackle it from the source. […]

Road Abuse

Posted by Claire Chizea on August 19, 2016

The question has often been asked why we fail to take care of our environment and why we live in filth, dropping and littering our spaces mindlessly with refuse of all sorts. Is it a Nigerian thing? Why can’t we have clean homes and environments like the oyibo people we love to copy so much? […]