Who We Are

C A Chizea and Co, a Limited Liability Company and Real Estate Firms has for over thirty years provided high-end Real Estate expertise to our clients.

The firm, founded on the principles of innovativeness, responsiveness and timeliness is rooted in the founders solid national and international exposure and experience, as a retired personell of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and Nigeria Airways Ltd.


We are first and foremost committed to achieving results.

In our shared vision we see our firm as the leader in the industry, providing excellent and timely service to all our customers.

Our Mission: To empower our clients and potential clients with quality advice, that will enable them take objective and profitable real estate decisions.

Our Approach / Process

In recognition of our clients, differences and specific needs, our services are tailored to meet the individual need.

For a reliable valuation, we commence with listening to the client, to fully appreciate his needs, then follow up with physical in-depth inspection of the property, using our cutting edge technology, for accuracy and speed in data gathering and analysis.

We conclude by applying the main valuation methodologies (and its modifications) of, cost, comparable and income to derive the most probable open market price/value for the asset.


Quality Control: Continual in-progress reviews of all the firm's functions are conducted through each brief. Since the human element is critical to the success of our frms we pay attention to training and reconstantly upgrading our information technology to meet with world standards. Our offices in the line with above are located for easy access for our walk-in clients.

We achieve this with the co-operation of a team of professional partners in the built industry (Architects, Engineers and Lawyers).


ESVARBON. The The Estate Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria -

NIESV. The firm and all its professionals are proud members of The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers - The body responsible for regulating and controlling the profession.

IRWA. We are also proud members of the International Right of Way Association -