The first and most important factor in any real estate exchange, is to determine the value, at which you negotiate for, mortgage, balance sheet, compulsory acquisition/eminent domain, acquisitions and mergers, Estate liquidation, relocation, developments, divorce settlement, taxation.

In each of these requirements, we save you money through our efficient appraisal, which arms you with the best evidence, in building a case for tax reduction, peace of mind, knowing you are not cheated in case of divorce, estate liquidation or adequacy of a compensation from property condemnation. An appraisal is of course a key requirement for loans and mergers and knowing a healthy business.


Here we offer Commercial, Residential & special property valuation; Needs are covered wih this development specialist in compensation, acquisitions of plant and machineries valuation.

We are well qualified and require to execute valuation for the full:

  • Commercial valuaion
  • Capital valuation for sale
  • Insurance for financial security leverage
  • Sale/Purchase for Investment/Ownership
  • Audit/Due Diligence reporting for acquisition/mergers
  • Balance sheet/Business valuation
  • Rating valuation
  • Liabilities
  • Residential
  • Financing
  • Tax

Property Management / Development

Our planned maintainance control system, allows for a cheaper and reduced maintainance/repairs cost; this in-turn ensures longer asset life and better income yield from the asset. The above is achieved through the utilization of these management tools:

  • Asset Verification
  • Lease schedule/Estate Accounts
  • Maintainance Control
  • Long-term lease negotiation
  • Repair scheduling
  • Liaison with Government on Rates and Approvals


Our well maintained database keeps us abreast in meeting our client's need in real Estate supply viz:

  • Acquisition/Purchase
  • Sales
  • Letting
  • Marketing